Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy hew year all my readers, Today I post a computer basic training for you. By The computer basics lessons you will learn a exciting thing, This is how to make a portable USB fan by unless things. So lets start

That you want to make this fan:
1.       a USB cable
2.       a Cooling fan
computer basic training - usb cable
Usb cable
computer basic - cooling fan
cooling fan

You will can get this 2 items so easily, so after collect you want to do the next process.

1. first you want to cut other cable of usb cable without red and black cable of the cooling fan.

Computer basics - Usb cable wiring
USB cable Wiring

2. then you want to cut the connector port of the cooling fan.

free computer lessons - make portable fan
cooling fan cable cuting

3. then set fan’s and usb cables to red with red, and black with black cable and protect the connect place with plastic.

computer basics - make usb fan by unless items 
portable usb fan by unless thing

It will look like as the picture.

Now put the usb cable into your laptop usb port and enjoy when load-shading on your house.
We also will post some new free computer lessons soon stay with us.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Earn money from online A to Z

most popular ways to make money online fast
Is the word true “earn money from online”? So much people’s think about the Ways are in the middle place of true and false! Some one think make
money online is a false story, and some one are getting good result by
the way. A lot of people are trying but can’t getting good result because of there
knowledge about ways to make money online fast or they trying by wrong way.

Think about a regular, there you want to spend lot of time like 7-8 h. to make
money online you want to spend a lot of time like your regular job.
But this a word if you know ways to make money online fast then you want to
Spent lot of time or some low is depend on your skill. So see some way,

Google adsense:  
It is the most popular and secure ways to make money online fast . To make
Money from the way you want have a website or blog. By showing adv of
Google, then when your visitor click to the ads then your earn will increase.
By the way your site wants to allowed by Google adsense.

ways to make money online fast by adsense
google adsense
It is the most popular way. You want to be a member by register
On freelance site to earn from the way. To work on freelance market you
Want to must have a computer basic training before start work. There
You will get work at your skill.
ways to make money online fast by freelance
make money online by freelancer work

If client chose you for work with him then you will get money.

Domain hosting:  
Is a way to make money from online. 1st You will buy much bundle of domain
From big domain re-seller and resell to other and for the host is the same way.

Next time you will get more new ways so stay with computerworld24. 

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Read blog, newsparer site without internet!

some time we want to visit some website for read something eg: newspaper site.
If you don’t have internet connection on your computer you can visit the news
Paper site now and can read news by the free computer lessons.

Today I will share a software by the software you can save any website on your
pen drive or pc and can visit it offline by using some computer basics.
The name of the software is Offline Explorer Enterprise. Download thes full software from Here and install it. Now run the software on dextop, now on project url give
The site url that you want save on your pc. And now give a project name
Read all option and go next.
Now save the site on your pc, to download the want some time
It will depend on internet speed.

Now from the offline explorer home you can visit on offline from
Browse the list of projects. Mind it computer basic training can help
You much. When you register the software pls don’t on your inter

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Use flash drive/pen drive) as ram of your pc

Some time we want to speed up our pc, so we can buy a ram but it so expensive for
Some one. But all have already a pen drive who have a pc. So if you can use our pen drive as ran then we don’t to buy a extra ram and can save money. Our today’s
Post about a free computer lessons by read the post you can make your pen drive ram
Of your pc.

For windows xp:
> Insert the pen drive and write click > Properties go to advanced tan and click on
Settings under Performance as photo.

Ø      go advanced tab again and click the  change option of Virtual Memory.
Ø      Select the USB Flash Drive on the list, click Custom Size.
Ø      Set the minimum and maximum size that you want to use as ram of your pc as photo.        

Press ok and apply all setting and restart the pc to enjoy it. Now thing how a computer basic training can change your experience.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Use facebook free By grameen sim with operamini.

Hi, after a long time post on the blog because of some problem.
Always try to give new computer basics lessons that will help you much.
The blog only for helping other by sharing computer basic training.

So today I tell you how to use free facebook by GP sim on opera mini, the trick
Only for Bangladeshi grameen phone user. For do this you want:

Ø      a gp simcard
Ø      operamini

you can download opera mini free on your phone by gp sincard,
go to the url m.opera.com/gp

After download operamini open it and write 0.facebook.com 0 mean (zero).
And enjoy 100% free facebook. By the way you can’t see photo easily, for
View photo click on photo link and you will see link click here on the top,
Click the link and see photo.

I will be happy if the post helps you. For free computer lessons and know the
Ways to make money online fast visit us again.

Monday, September 17, 2012

use color text in facebook chat easiest way

Today facebook is the most popular social network. People use facebook
to connect with there family and friends, also make new friends. Also it is a ways to make money online fast.
Most of the time they enjoying tot of fun with friends. So today I tell you
free computer lessons to make fun with friends.

We chatting with our friends some time, If you Use colorful text on chat
Than they will surprised to you. So today I give you some code for
Writing color text on facebook,

Use [[f9.cha]] : for a

Use [[f9.chb]] : for b

Use [[f9.chc]] : for c

Use [[f9.chd]] : for d

Use [[f9.che]] : for e

Use [[f9.chf]] : for f

Use [[f9.chg]] : for g

Use [[f9.chh]] : for h

Use [[f9.chi]] : for i

Use [[f9.chj]] : for j

Use [[f9.chk]]  : for k

Use [[f9.chl]] : for l

Use [[f9.chm]] : for m

Use [[f9.chn]] : for n

Use [[f9.cho]]  : for o

Use [[f9.chp]] : for p

Use [[f9.chq]]  : for q

Use [[f9.chr]] : for r

Use [[f9.chs]]  : for s

Use [[f9.cht]] : for t

Use [[f9.chu]] : for u

Use [[f9.chv]] : for v

Use [[f9.chw]]  : for w

Use [[f9.chx]] : for x

Use [[f9.chy]] : for y

Use [[f9.chz]] : for z

Thanks you. For more computer basic training stay with us.

Friday, August 17, 2012

make your android apps without any coding knowledge.

Today I will share withe you a grate free computer lessons, when i was see the computer basic training on
inter net I was think how it possible. But its possible, because its just a computer basics. After some time
its clear on me that " all is ready by  graphical user interface", now just use and make your android apps.

Now you can make your android apps by the AppInventor software without knowing any
programing Langland. You don't want to know any coding     just want to know computer basics. If you don't know than learn our free computer lessons. And for test your apps use emidelator.
So you can see what you doing.

Download the software from here   . also have online apps of the software, so you can
make your software on online.

For learning android apps making   android apps  in one hour.
If you can make good apps than it will can be a grate ways to make money online fast.